Providing what ever your heart desires in terms of style - we aim to please here at Hotspur 1364!

We fully understand we all come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes we favour items that fit our silhouette.

To make this more accessible for the 'everyday man' we work hard to ensure you can get an exact fit for minimal added spend.

Like a certain look but struggle to buy off the peg designs? Don't worry - we have the answer.

For a very small amount we can alter both our formal and leisure wear collections to fit your personal unique requirements. 


Don't scrimp on the finer detail ...

We can take trousers up, down and even taper.

We also regularly lift waistcoats and even add panel for those larger than a 52" chest.

Blazer sleeves often need to perfected through our tailoring also.

Dealing with 1000's of groomsmen  we have seen it all, so please do not hesitate in contacting us to see if we can help with your request.

Our prices start from as little as £10 and we can turn around an item in 48 hours!!


Our Gant jeans and chinos tend to come in regular lengths 32" and 34". 

Nonetheless from customer feedback this is rarely there perfect length.

In store our customers have regularly paid £10 extra to get these mate to there exact length and we wish to offer this service to our online customers also. 


Again this is often a service we can turn around in 48hours including dispatch. 

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