Bucket Hats not just fashion forward – practical too!

Get a festival ready in our Lacoste and Gant Bucket Hats


Bet you don’t know this…

The name Bucket Hat comes from its appearance when placed on your head of an upside down bucket !

Bucket Hats became popular in Ireland and England in the late 1800s as fishermen began wearing them on their boats. Later, they were adopted by British soldiers who wore bucket hats while fighting in World War I.

Bucket hats continued to grow in popularity throughout Europe but remained relatively unknown in North America until they became fashionable again during the 1970s when they were worn by many celebrities including Sean Connery and John Lennon.

Bucket Hats did fall out of favour for a little while only to re-emerge more recently amongst hip hop stars such as Jay-Z and Indie festival goers worldwide

Practicality is the strong suit of a good bucket hat. It’s not only for anyone looking for a hat that will make them stand out in a crowd.

In addition to adding a swaggy flair to your daily outfits, bucket hats are also surprisingly useful for outdoor activities, these hats were designed for protecting against the sun and the rain. While maintaining that same functionality today, they’ve also attracted a reputation for being sported by skaters, rappers and those who channel retro aesthetics.

To get more specific on how bucket hats can protect you from the elements: if you’re doing anything outdoors where you need to shield yourself from the sun or some light rainfall (which might be a good idea during this year’s unpredictable summers), then this accessory will come in handy.

As far as sun protection goes, our Gant and Lacoste bucket hats are made of breathable material like cotton or polyester and feature medium-sized brims that cast shadows above your eyes and on your neck—specifically areas where it’s important to prevent UV rays from damaging skin cells too intensely. The extra head coverage also makes them ideal for covering up bad hair days!!!

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