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Lets keep it SHORT

Shorts FUN FACTS  Did you know there is a variety of Shorts? You can find shorts in a variety of lengths, from the bermuda (just above the knee) to capri (mid-thigh) to maxi-skirt (mid-calf). We tend to find our Gant and Lacoste Shorts are most popular in the Bermuda Short Style.  Swim Shorts were born when French engineer Charles Le Normand came up with a design for more comfortable swimming attire in 1837—it had short pants and was made of wool, which was more absorbent than cotton or linen!!! Bet... Read More


Bucket Hats not just fashion forward – practical too!

Get a festival ready in our Lacoste and Gant Bucket Hats Bet you don’t know this… The name Bucket Hat comes from its appearance when placed on your head of an upside down bucket ! Bucket Hats became popular in Ireland and England in the late 1800s as fishermen began wearing them on their boats. Later, they were adopted by British soldiers who wore bucket hats while fighting in World War I. Bucket hats continued to grow in popularity throughout Europe but remained relatively unknown in North America until they... Read More



Love them or hate them it looks like the humble Jogger or otherwise known, Jogging bottom, trackie, or tracksuit is here to stay. Once the staple line of the sportsman only, I’d hazard a guess there’s a least one pair of Joggers hanging in every wardrobe or strewn over the back of a chair in every bedroom worldwide. Popularity of the Jogger has grown to stratospheric levels even more so since the global pandemic, fast becoming the lockdown uniform of the work from home brigade and quickly asserting itself as the go... Read More

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